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"Our "Top 25 Websites Of The World!". Every month, we pick twenty five outstanding sites and we present them with our web award. We accept submissions to be considered for the list, but only the extra-ordinary sites are included. This is the ultimate source for web-surfing hotspots. "

Kim Komando!

"Every week, each Komando at the Komputer Klinic picks just one really kool and great place on the Internet from the hundreds of thousands. Then, the war begins because there are more Komando's than the allotted top 10 picks. But that's a whole different story. We invite you to visit our favorites. For your surfing ease and pleasure, this week's Kool Site is always at the top of the page and past week's Kool sites are organized into categories. We make computing easy!"


"Some sites offer 3 stars, others 5. Ace doesn't believe in limitations! If you have that site that goes the full distance, you deserve the full measure in return: SEVEN STARS!"
Nominated by Tara MacIntyre, journalist & publicist for Nicole Miller Inc.
"With many Web-sites more style than substance,
Adventures Unlimited offers hours of enlightening content, set-off by equally great design!!"


"A very cool site...Adventures Unlimited has entered into CyberStardom!" -- Ravens.Net


"Adventures Unlimited has been deemed to be an "elite" site. The purpose of the award is to signify that this site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise. I pick sites that not only fit the minimum requirements but somehow soar beyond them." --Ravi@Netutopia


"Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A *very* nice site! Good content, design and beautiful graphics plus easy to navigate. A very positive contribution to the Web! -- Bill


"I am very picky about adding sites to the award, which is why there really aren't that many. Anytime that I find a site that works toward a fuller understanding of the peoples of this world and the mother earth, itself, then that is always an automatic inclusion." --Ciinkwia

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Adventures Unlimited
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