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"Your site definitely qualifies for the "5 Stars Award". You've done a great job -- very good graphics and links. Good luck with your work!" --Heiko Witte
Malmoe, Sweden


"I loved this site. Michael communicates a true love of nature and correctness and 'giftedness' in the virtual environment of the Internet. It is a clean, refreshing, loving site. I am proud to offer the Gifted Fox Award." -- Katherine


"I am honored to offer you the Sacred Feminine Award. This award represents peace, healing, love for the Earth and Humanity."
- In Light and Love, Montserrat


"Lessez les bon temps roulle!!!"


"Adventures Unlimited, being very 'animal-friendly' is a deserving perch for The Bird!" --Michelle Morris, US Fish & Game


"Congratulations, your web site is 'Easy To Run'. Keep up the great work!"


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