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Fayetteville, Georgia

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"We are a society with a bizarre value system. We cutback school funding and close branch libraries to build multi-million dollar sports stadiums -- giving higher value to fleeting Entertainment than lasting Education (when ironically the very games we are paying such a high price to watch, are the games of children). And with professional athletes making ridiculous sums of money, and teachers who have THE most important job in the world being paid a pittance, in spite of this there is a school that rises above limiting circumstances and shows the full meaning of Education -- as a daily, life-changing embetterment for children. With a principal like Faith Hardnett whose interracial school so greatly reflects her harmonious, soulful and inspirational approach (and who has my vote for "Educator of the New Millennium") and a passionate, '24-7' school secretary like Minta Mueller, East Fayette Elementary should be a Model for getting it done when the deck is stacked against you! (After the speech I flew home with tears in my eyes, so inspired by the wonderful feeling in that school). -- MM

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