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Cruise with TV Host/Author Michael Modzelewski as he deepens your Alaskan experience with superb slide shows and wildlife watching (whales, eagles and bears!) on deck.

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING until you’ve seen a slab of ice hundreds of feet high crack off the face of a glacier and crash with a sound like thunder into an ice-blue bay. And you haven’t experienced the real Alaska until you’ve sailed beyond the Inside Passage to encounter the rugged, 18,000-foot peaks of the Southcentral coast and the glaciers that lie in Prince William Sound. Only one itinerary offers it all with more glacier-viewing opportunities than any other — Princess’ Voyage of the Glaciers. We created this masterful itinerary because we feel strongly that no Alaska cruise passenger should miss the experience of Glacier Bay. That’s why it’s a highlight of each and every one of our seven-day departures. We’re just as committed to sharing Alaska’s newest Glacier Bay, College Fjord. Here, you’ll be surrounded by the world’s largest collection of tidewater glaciers and your ship provides a front-row seat for enjoying them all.


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ALASKA’S ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE GOLD rush history is an important part of your Voyage of the Glaciers itinerary and each port offers its own unique view of life as it is lived on the frontier. For Skagway, you’ll have to turn back the clock. The town residents have with their vintage costumes and melodrama re-enacting the story of local villain Soapy Smith. Take in the colorful Red Onion Saloon with historic photos of Klondike Kate and Peahull Annie and the White Pass Scenic Railway excursion, retracing the route to the Klondike for tons of gold rush flavor. Ketchikan was once the ancestral home of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian tribes, and the world’s largest totem pole collection is not only a major attraction but a continuing art form. Creek Street, once an infamous red light district is quite respectable now, but if you’d like to see some of the memorabilia from those rip-roaring days, Dolly’s House (you can’t miss the green wood-frame house with red shutters) has been turned into a period museum.


YOU CAN WALK right off the ship into downtown Juneau, Alaska’s state capital. Lampposts support hanging flowerpots, colorful banners hang outside the storefronts, and the Franklin Street area, with its National Register of Historic Places, is clean and neat as a pin. The Alaskan Hotel is a charming place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Or, you can go next door to the Red Dog Saloon where the frontier flavor includes swinging bar doors and a sawdust floor. Make sure you make the trip up the new tramway for spectacular aerial views or take the tour to Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska’s drive-up glacier. There are so many pleasures to look forward to during your seven-day Voyage of the Glaciers. Hire a horse and buggy in Skagway to take you back to the Gold Rush Days of ‘98. Visit an authentic Indian Village in Ketchikan. And try your luck with a prospector’s pan where Joe Juneau and Dick Harris found “streaks running through the rocks and little lumps as large as peas or beans.” It’s all part of a seven-day Voyage of the Glaciers with Princess.


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WE DIDN’T NAME our Gulf of Alaska cruise itinerary “Voyage of the Glaciers” for nothing. It’s a perfect description for an adventure that packs more of Alaska’s Ice Age splendor into seven nights than any other cruise you can find. To begin with, we offer more passengers the opportunity to visit magnificent Glacier Bay than any other cruise line. In fact, all of our Gulf of Alaska cruises visit Glacier Bay. But that’s just the beginning. We continue on across the Gulf to show you the unique glacier-viewing opportunities of College Fjord, Alaska’s best-kept secret. Here, you can spot four, five, even six different glaciers at once; tidewater glaciers, hanging glaciers, alpine glaciers — 16 in all. A Gulf of Alaska cruise is the only glacier experience that has it all.


“Some of the mainstream cruise lines are heading more in the enrichment direction than others. . . Princess launched its Scholarship@Sea program in early 2003. Recent lecturers have included former Scotland Yard detective Cecil Saxby, naturalist and Outdoor Life TV host Michael Modzelewski, and Michael Moulin, retired Commodore of the Princess fleet.”


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8 responses to “Alaskan Cruises”

  1. Barbara & Sam Artres, Cookeville, TN Avatar
    Barbara & Sam Artres, Cookeville, TN

    Michael Modzelewski is a very entertaining and informative speaker. We enjoyed him immensely. His lectures and readings from his book, Inside Passage were the high points of our cruise!

  2. Joanne Rubin Enow, El Paso, TX Avatar
    Joanne Rubin Enow, El Paso, TX

    Michael’s Enrichment Lectures gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of beautiful Alaska. An absolutely fascinating country and equally fascinating man…

  3. Catherine J. Almo, New York City, NY Avatar
    Catherine J. Almo, New York City, NY

    I rarely can sit still for informative talks but no problem with Mike’s. He is fabulous! Besides being so dynamic and personable (with a total lack of self-importance), his passion for Alaska made this cruise outstanding!

  4. Margot Velten, Ontario, Canada Avatar
    Margot Velten, Ontario, Canada

    Mike is not only a naturalist, he’s a poet — with the rare ability of combining scientific knowledge with spiritual experiences. And it’s not just talk: The man lived out there, in the wilderness with great courage and aplomb. An exceptional communicator, he takes you far beneath the surface of things into the very heart of life. Bravo, Michael!

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haller, London, England Avatar
    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haller, London, England

    Mr. Modzelewski has made our second trip to Alaska far more informative than the first… An amazing person. A treasure of information and wisdom. The finest speaker we have heard, anywhere…

  6. Kathy Lashchuk, San Diego, CA Avatar
    Kathy Lashchuk, San Diego, CA

    Michael is the best naturalist and author ever! He made our cruise wonderful! We picked this cruise knowing he was going to be on it. He truly is a wonderful man!

  7. Green Cloud Avatar

    .:. Michael , Have you documented any effect to the Alaskan coast from the Fukushima plant over the last season? .:.

  8. Tom & Lee Roberts Avatar
    Tom & Lee Roberts

    Hi Michael,

    We were on the Golden Princess the week of August 30 thru September 6 and your talks were one of the true highlights of our cruise. My friend Bill and I were fortunate to catch you at your book signing table one afternoon and seeing your picture with the giant Brown Bear, I asked you if that was one of your friends. You said no he was a Hollywood bear and you explained how the picture came about … funny story. I then said to you the story you told about the fox (I believe you named her Francine) and her pups was truly heartwarming and touching to me. When we take another Alaskan Cruise (and we will) we are going to ask the cruise line to please include you as part of the program because I’m sure we’ll have other friends along. Thanks again for sharing your stories with us. We’re letting all of our friends know that you were really a surprise highlight of the cruise.

    Tom & Lee Roberts
    Anthem, AZ

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