Dramatic Speeches

The Associated Executives Clubs’ President, Ben B. Franklin chose for their 1996 ‘Consummate Speaker of The Year’: “Michael Modzelewski who lived alone on Blackfish Sound, off the coast of Canada for 18 months. He has authored a book about this adventure. Since I first heard him speak in Denver in 1993, I have booked him to make 48 illustrated speeches in 21 different states. Every report we have had has been marked “excellent” or the equivalent. One of the nicest things about Michael is his commitment to inexpensive travel. He is repeatedly looking out for our interest when it comes to his travel expenses, making his availability within the financial reach of even the smallest groups.”

All presentations are individually “tailored” to fit the specific needs and identity of your company or organization. And if you aren’t praised within your company for bringing in one of the greatest programs ever — Michael comes with a “money-back guarantee” (which has never happened in over 500 bookings!!)


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