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Run for your life!

My favorite sport is running. It can be done anywhere, doesn’t depend on expensive equipment (other than shoes) and is a return to the primal – putting a cerebral writer in daily touch with his animal self. It is therapy, it’s “moving meditation;” it’s a spiritual practice in physical form. I could write a book about how running changed my… Read more →

Grand Canyon Marathon

  A solo, 21-mile “journey run.” At sunrise, flew in a small plane from the south rim over to the higher north rim; then raced the descending light down the rock walls to the Colorado River… then up the brutally steep Bright Angel Trail. Awe- inspiring to be moving among the towering, timeless vermilion cliffs and minarets. Very much an… Read more →

Western States Marathon

  100 miles from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California! Not just extreme distance to endure, but 18,000 feet of cumulative uphill, 22,000 feet down; and do battle with snow, stifling-hot canons, rattlesnakes, a raging river, and some of the most rugged, rocky, ankle-twisting terrain in the west!! Finish in less than a day and you earn a silver belt buckle… Read more →