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  • Inside Passage Book Review – By Amy Tan

    Inside Passage Book Review – By Amy Tan

      “Michael Modzelewski is the John Muir of our times. Like Muir, he provides quiet and reverential observance of nature and our own humanity, while interjecting riveting narratives of unanticipated death-defying adventures. His writing is visceral and poetic, alternately humorous and heart-rending, able to sweep the reader seamlessly into his world. I have spent happy […]

  • Inside Passage Book Review – By The Nature Book Club

    Adventures in Wilderness The Nature Book Club   Two hundred miles north of Vancouver “and about a hundred years back” lies Swanson Island, a remote rock along the icy, rugged coastline between Alaska and Seattle – the setting of this riveting adventure. INSIDE PASSAGE describes Michael Modzelewski’s experiences – both wonderful and harrowing – in […]

  • Inside Passage Book Review – By The Seattle Morning News Tribune

    A Natural Passage Inside To The Soul Book Review by Author and historian Murray Morgan who contributes free-lance book reviews to The Seattle Morning News Tribune The Inside Passage, the waterway between Puget Sound and Alaska that lies between the continental shore and the screening offshore island, has intrigued and endangered boatmen since European explorers […]

  • Inside Passage Book Review – By San Francisco Examiner

    San Francisco Examiner THERE WERE BEASTS in both places, but nothing much else was the same about Michael Modzelewski’s two memorable “homes” – a football locker room at the University of Maryland and remote Swanson Island, 200 miles north of Vancouver in British Columbia’s Inside Passage. Football came first, and it came naturally. Modzelewski’s father, […]

  • Inside Passage Book Review – By Caroline Ceniza-Levine

    How the Fierce Handle Fear; Secrets To Succeeding In Challenging Times Caroline Ceniza-Levine “I read dozens of books each year and post about them in my blogs. I don’t just read business or self-help books. Recently, I read a travel journalists’ memoir on living in the wilderness, Inside Passage by Michael Modzelewski. It’s a beautiful, […]

  • Angeles Crest Book Review – By Continental Magazine

    Running Wild Continental Magazine, November 2000   The amazing story of Continental flight attendant Paula Grecco and her husband, Michael Modzelewski, reached new heights after Modzelewski completed the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run in 1992. As a result of preparing for and completing the run, he wrote Angeles Crest: A Memoir. The book is […]

  • Angeles Crest Book Review – By Palm Beach Post

    Writer survived shift on almost-deserted island Palm Beach Post October 18, 2000 by Linda Haase   Michael Modzelewski thought the two years he spent in an intense fight for survival on an almost-deserted island was a soul-trying experience. But playing survivor for a not-for-TV-movie was nothing compared to the challenge he found when he returned […]

  • Angeles Crest Book Review – By Ultra Running Magazine

    Ultrarunning Magazine, October 2000 URProfile: Mike Modzelewski Author, Model, Television Host, and Adventure Seeker   Mike Modzelewski is not your typical ultrarunner. From his youth as the son of a pro football player, to years of traveling the world, followed by simultaneous careers as a model, a motivational speaker, the host of a television show, […]