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    [slideshow_deploy id=’1396′]   There are 100,000 glaciers in Alaska (of varying sizes) and 95% are in retreat, melting back in our era of global warming. Explored Laughton Glacier above Skagway, Alaska. Glaciers carve drama and splendor into the landscapes. Both bulldozer and conveyor belt, the sticky ice picks up rocks that it uses chock-a-block to…

  • Alaska (Rhapsody in Blue)

    Alaska (Rhapsody in Blue)

    [slideshow_deploy id=’1118′] Explored a blue ice cave inside Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska. Very dangerous, unstable, with melt water constantly dripping down. Set my watch timer for two minutes for photography. Ten minutes later, deep in — still shooting away . . .

  • Arctic Brotherhood Mountain, Alaska

    Arctic Brotherhood Mountain, Alaska

    [slideshow_deploy id=’1103′] Climbed the highest peak above Skagway, Alaska, doing 10,000 vertical feet (round trip) in half-a-day. An all-out assault in Beast Mode. Dan celebrated the summit by playing his trumpet. A grizzly bear trailed us on the descent — wanting the concert to continue?!