Learning To Lead – book excerpt by Michael Chirichello & Nancy Richmond.

Chapter 1
Colorful Dreams: Creating Your Vision

Michael Modzelewski is a master storyteller who invites readers to abandon the safe life for one of adventure. He settled on a desolate island in the Inside Passage, the rugged coastline between Seattle and Alaska. Michael’s story is one of a man who learned about self through his exciting experience. In his book, Inside Passage: Living With Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, and Kwakiutl Indians, Michael wrote of why life assumes the reality of myths and dreams.

The Inside Passage is real dream country. Even on land you are moved. The tides that carry the great whales move the bulk of your thoughts just as effortlessly. On the islands, the surrounding sea enters your subconscious creating a rippling mirror that reflects reality from many perspectives. There is no concrete or asphalt to fix attitudes or harden dreams. The world around constantly flows in many levels, swirling deep fathoms into you, loosening holdfasts and safeguards, stirring up sediment, provoking protean change.

Now I understood why, to the Kwakiutl, life often assumed the reality of myth.

The leader’s vision creates a magic that will transform the world. . .





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