Share and Grow Rich: The Dottie Walters Effect – by Michael Macfarlane with Warren Jamison (contribution by Michael Modzelewski).

Like many speakers, when I was starting out and struggling to learn the business, one name I kept hearing as someone I must talk to was Dottie Walters. I called her office and she was kind enough to come to the phone. For the next hour, she patiently explained the first steps to successfully launch a speaking career. Her knowledge, fueled by a warm and caring enthusiasm, impressed me greatly. I applied every tip she gave, and also read her book, Speak and Grow Rich, highlighting and applying to my career just about every passage — and my bookings increased tenfold.

I talked with Dottie often and proudly appeared in her excellent speakers forum magazine, Sharing Ideas. After ever phone call or editing session, I came away with renewed passion and commitment to my work. Dottie Walters was a dynamo! You couldn’t be in her presence — even if over the telephone — without feeling you were basking in the glow of a rare person who found her life’s calling and was living her dream and destiny each and every moment of her life. Dottie was the living embodiment of the adage: “Make your passion your profession and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

As long as there is a speaker standing at a lectern before an audience — Dottie Walters will be there in spirit — continuing to guide and lift us all to new heights






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