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Author, Model, Television Host, and Adventure Seeker
Michael Modzelewski is not your typical ultrarunner. From his youth as the son of a pro football player, to years of traveling the world, followed by simultaneous careers as a model, a motivational speaker, the host of a television show, and a noted author, Mike has just about done and seen it all.

Somehow he has managed to fit many ultras into his life, including several of the tough trail 100s in the West. One of those, the Angeles Crest 100, is the subject of his book, Angeles Crest: A Memoir. Here is a profile of an accomplished and eclectic ultrarunner.

Name Michael Modzelewski

Current Address Alaska and Florida

Jobs Author, TV Host, Motivational Speaker

Marital Status Wedded Bliss

Children My books are my “babies”

Height 6 feet

Weight 178

Shoe Size 10

Best feature (physical) Blue Eyes

Worst feature Black toenails from running

Religion Spiritualist

Educational Background Graduate of Indiana University with a B.A. in English Literature; minor in Art History

Favorite Author Homer

Favorite Book The Odyssey

Favorite non-running magazine The New Yorker

Favorite Movie Jeremiah Johnson and La Dolce Vita

Favorite Television Show Animal Planet

Favorite Actor/Actress Marcello Mastrianni

Favorite Music The song “Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd. It’s my anthem.

Favorite musical performer U2 (Bono’s heroic voice; and the soaring songs on Joshua Tree)

Book you are currently reading The Stars, The Snow, The Fire: 25 Years in The Alaska Wilderness by John Haines

Favorite Artist Rockwell Kent

Hobbies Mountain climbing; sea kayaking; horseback riding; trekking through wild, remote places.

Collections Signed, first edition books; Native American, African and Mexican folk art; Gianni Versace silk couture ties and shirts.

Make of car you drive Mustang convertible

Make of car you would like to drive Ferrari — just once, all out on the Autobahn

Greatest adventure Living for two years on a wilderness island in the Inside Passage to Alaska studying killer whales

Favorite spectator sport Olympic downhill skiing (when they push it right to and over the edge of disaster yet win the gold, ala Franz Klammer).

Favorite game Scrabble

Favorite vacation destination Foreign marathons in Dublin, Paris, and Amsterdam — followed by slow, sore-legged sightseeing.

Favorite time of day Dusk — when the day tuns golden.

Favorite item of clothing you own Armani jacket (that I share with my brother Scott).

Most prized possession My health

Political Affiliation Independent — vote the man or woman; not the Party.

Personal Hero My father

Favorite Famous Quote “I dwell in possibility.” — Emily Dickinson

Personal Philosophy (1) We lead lives inferior to ourselves, only living a small part of the colossal life and abilities we’ve been given. (2) We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience — we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Short-term goal Striving for peak performance every day, in every way.

Long-term goal Give love and create beauty

Achievement of which you are most proud Motivating others, after first conquering and transcending the self.

Favorite subject in school English

Least-liked subject Algebra

Least-liked household chore Laundry

Pets None currently

Pet peeve Litter in pristine places

Favorite non-running leisure activity Reading

Greatest Fear That man is polluting the planet beyond repair

Happiest Memory Crossing the finish line of Angeles Crest 100 Mile Ultra in 23:47:20, with my brother Scott — with our ex-NFL football player father leading us across the final 50 yards.

Secret ambition/fantasy To communicate with dolphins: decode their sonic language. If we open our minds to animal intelligence, the next century will be an “Age of Enlightenment” and it will be we, humans, who are enlightened. I believe that the only difference between much of our life and theirs is external form.

Personal strengths Extremist

Personal weakness Extremist

Years running ultramarathons 12

Number of ultras finished 15

Best ultra performance Buckling at Angeles Crest, despite running final 30 miles on blowtorch blisters

Most memorable ultra performance and why Finishing first in “Great Wall of China Run.” It was incredibly steep and overwhelming with history. My prize was a camel ride out into the fabled Gobi Desert, where Genghis Kahn and his Thundering Horde where a palpable presence!

Typical training week a month or two before a major race Weekends pushing hard at altitude: 35 miles on the Western States Trail (out and back from Squaw Valley), then next day cycling two consecutive “laps”: 144 miles around mountainous Lake Tahoe; then five to fourteen mile runs during the week on rolling hills. One day of speed, interval work. Also two days of lifting weights, concentrating on arms and shoulders — much needed in late-stages of ultras.

Injuries None (thank the gods and genetics and good running form).

Favorite running shoe Nike Pegasus

Favorite food/drink during an ultra Exceed and bananas

Favorite handler My sister Nancy

Favorite pacer Rich Carp

Favorite place to run Mountains

Favorite type of running surface Pine needle trails in a cathedral forest

Ultrarunning idol Doug Latimer

Why do you run ultras To transcend the everyday self, shatter the comfort zone, and in doing so I’ve learned that “fixed” limits/boundaries around other realities are elastic, as well. We are limited by our beliefs and we attract what we are. Ultrarunning helps keep us tuned to our best, highest selves.

Any advice you would give to other ultrarunners Vince Lombardi said it best: “The body can stand almost anything — it’s the mind you have to convince!” As surely as fluid water carves through solid rock, so too, do our thoughts shape our beings and the very reality around us. Our thoughts are not intangible, ethereal. They are the most powerful force in the universe, creating very solid effects.





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