A1A (FL) Marathon

A1A (FL) Marathon
A1A (FL) Marathon


Coast-to-Coast-to Coast — last three marathons: Atlantic Ocean to Pacific to Atlantic again. Ran another road on the continent’s edge — Highway A1A along Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tincture blue water, platinum sand, sunrise a pink blush. I love having a body! So animal, returning to the limbic brain and just moving, romping with all systems GO! Feels so free and primal, and the instinctual enriches other areas of life, as well. Running makes me a better writer. I find the unconscious more easily sitting stationary at a desk because I unleash the grrr and purrr levels out on the roads, trails or at the gym. When a workout partner says: “You’re an animal!” — I know I’m living right; maxing-out at full potential. I want to take being human to the extreme, and live life so that a glass of water tastes like a great reward.





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