On Safari!

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“Safari” is a Swahili word meaning “adventurous journey.” A safari in East Africa takes you into the very center of exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery! I work with Corbett Bishop Safaris in Tanzania. Corbett is originally from Texas and has a heart as big as the state and a passion for Africa that is contagious!! Corbett customizes each safari according to our wishes – including a mix of lavish lodges and arduous walking treks out to bush camps complete with tasty cuisine and hot showers. We usually go in February when the Serengeti wildlife migration (a million animals!) is in full swing. We move across the land in rugged Land Rovers or fly in a small plane to save time and cover M.M.B.A. (“Miles & Miles of Bloody Africa!”) In most places, because of Corbett’s respectful attitude and generous spirit, we are privileged to have native Maasai with us. Learning from these fabled people, whether walking with them across their wild lands, talking around a crackling campfire or visiting their bomas(villages) is one of the highlights of the trip. Africa is so wildly primal and warmly vital that it gets into your blood and beats with your heart forever! And there’s no better way to experience its many KUMBE! (WOW!) wonders than on safari. As Isak Dinesen wrote in her classic book, Out of Africa: “There is something about safari life that makes you feel the whole time as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne – bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive. It seems right that human beings should live in the nomad fashion, and unnatural to have one’s home always in the same place; one only feels free when one can go in whatever direction one pleases: over the plains, get to the river at sundown and pitch one’s camp, with the knowledge that one can fall asleep beneath other trees, with another view before one, the next night… Up in this high air you breathed easily, drawing in a vital assurance and lightness of heart. In the highlands you woke up in the morning and thought: “Here I am, where I ought to be!” -Michael Modzelewski

Note: The rifle is carried for emergency protection on walking safaris. We “shoot” only with cameras.





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    Teddy mombury

    Hi Michael, your closed picture with safari is fantastic.Nice looks.

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