The lost Dutchman Marathon

The lost Dutchman Marathon
The lost Dutchman Marathon


In the late-1800′s, Jacob Waltz, an immigrant Dutch prospector discovered gold in the Superstition Mountains (just east of Phoenix, Arizona). He died without revealing the location of his strike, and treasure seekers have been searching the desert ever since. I went in quest of other profits. The marathon started near the town of Gold Canyon and finished in Apache Junction. There were roaring camp fires and hot cocoa in the chill desert air as 300 runners watched the sun rise in orange and pink bands above the Superstitions. Tough course on trails, paved, and unpaved roads. A hundred rolling hills (including the “Dutchman’s Revenge”: a gut-check, steep pitch at Mile 23) that really drain the legs, but spectacular desert scenery worth the work. Running the Lost Dutchman, you find GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS (and fresh burritos at the finish line)!





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