Author: Michael Modzelewski

  • Article in Marie Claire Italian Issue

    Article in Marie Claire Italian Issue

    Check out this recent Italian article within Marie Claire referencing Michael Modzelewski with his recent activities.

  • Inside Passage Book Review – By Amy Tan

    Inside Passage Book Review – By Amy Tan

      “Michael Modzelewski is the John Muir of our times. Like Muir, he provides quiet and reverential observance of nature and our own humanity, while interjecting riveting narratives of unanticipated death-defying adventures. His writing is visceral and poetic, alternately humorous and heart-rending, able to sweep the reader seamlessly into his world. I have spent happy…

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

    The Oprah Winfrey Show

    Michael has appeared twice on The Oprah Winfrey Show — “How Couples Meet in Unusual Ways”  and “Romance Coach.”

  • PBS TV

    PBS TV

    PBS Television filmed Michael’s book, INSIDE PASSAGE: LIVING WITH KILLER WHALES, BALD EAGLES, AND KWAKIUTL INDIANS, with Michael playing himself in the Bio-Pic of life on the wilderness island in the Inside Passage of Alaska.

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Michael was chosen as a Cosmo “Bachelor of the Month” and Year. His appearance as Mr. November not only brought Michael a wife, but his experiences of dating women around the world are the subject of his latest, best-selling book, Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor.

  • Princess Cruises

    Princess Cruises

    Michael has a life-long contract with Princess Cruises, as their top Alaska Naturalist and Guest Speaker. He has a huge following, with passengers specifically booking cruises that Michael is on. As one passenger stated: “Michael is the Prince of the Princess ships.”



    [slideshow_deploy id=’1288′] Michael’s life was the subject of the New York City, off-Broadway play: LIFEGAME.

  • Run for your life!

    Run for your life!

    My favorite sport is running. It can be done anywhere, doesn’t depend on expensive equipment (other than shoes) and is a return to the primal – putting a cerebral writer in daily touch with his animal self. It is therapy, it’s “moving meditation;” it’s a spiritual practice in physical form. I could write a book…

  • Michael Modzelewski Radio Interview via Podcast, Scranton, PA — “Eco-Arts Living”

    Host Tonyehn Verkitus interviews Michael about his multi-faceted life.

  • Michael Modzelewski Radio Interview via Podcast, Montreal, Quebec, Canada — “Creative Magic Unchained”

    Host Frederic Bye interviews Michael about his book, Wild Life: The Miss–Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor.