Author: Michael Modzelewski

Adventurer Michael Modzelewski has trekked the African Veld, swum with Killer Whales, run a marathon on the Great Wall of China, and now this courageous and fit adventurer would like to share the magic and excitement with you.


“Where the humans are caged and the animals run wild.” Explored Monkey Jungle in Homestead, Florida. The wildlife bio-park, on ten acres, allows you to move through lush rainforest habitats via screened walkways, and at a feeding station, you leave your “cage” to interact with the monkeys. New concepts in primate behaviors have been developed here, along with first-in-captivity births.… Read more →

Michael Modzelewski Radio Interview via Podcast, Montreal, Quebec, Canada — “Creative Magic Unchained”

Host Frederic Bye interviews Michael about his writing career and world travels.


The most unusual rock formation in the world. The water-stream erosion Navajo Sandstone, 190 million years old, is a heart flayed open, taffy gone wild, a hallucination in stone! Located near the Utah-Arizona border in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. The BLM limits access to just 20 permits per day, for the sandstone is fragile and there is no trail… Read more →