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  • Panda Bears in China

    Panda Bears in China

    [slideshow_deploy id=’1313′]   It’s the black Mickey Mouse ears. The stark contrast, racoon mask face. The round mound of rebound body — making the Panda Bear universally loved. Always a fan of charismatic mega-fauna — jumped at the chance to study the Pandas at The Chengdu, China Breeding and Research Center. I learned that there […]

  • Mongolia


    [slideshow_deploy id=’1147′] We rode camels, flew a golden eagle, visited a Buddhist mountain monastery, stayed in a yurt with a nomad family, and paid homage to Genghis Khan, who with his Golden Horde of horsemen, conquered the largest land mass in the world.

  • Tasmania


    [slideshow_deploy id=’1138′] Kayaked the south coast of “Tassie,” an island 150 miles south of Australia. Near the bottom of the world, the powerful cold ocean was alive with marine life. The Tassie coast is composed of Jurassic dolerite, forming large columnar cliffs. 45 % of Tasmania is national parks and world heritage sites. Wanted all my life […]

  • Australia


    [slideshow_deploy id=’1127′] A nature lover’s delight. Australia has more than 378 mammal species, 828 birds, 4,000 different fish, 300 species of lizards, and 140 snakes. More than 80% of the fauna is endemic — unique to Australia. Highlight was diving with sharks, sawfish, and giant salt-water crocs!

  • Alaska (Rhapsody in Blue)

    Alaska (Rhapsody in Blue)

    [slideshow_deploy id=’1118′] Explored a blue ice cave inside Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska. Very dangerous, unstable, with melt water constantly dripping down. Set my watch timer for two minutes for photography. Ten minutes later, deep in — still shooting away . . .

  • Everglades, Florida

    Everglades, Florida

    Explored the “Sea of Grass” in south-central Florida aboard an Air Boat. Deep in the Glades, a giant 12 foot long, bull alligator approached the boat so close, we could look him in the eyes. He purposely placed twigs on his nose to bait birds to land on him — where, in a flash, they would then be […]

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    My favorite town in Mexico! Oaxaca has it all — amazing folk art, vibrant markets, strolling musicians in the streets, tasty cuisine, and the Zapotec and Mixtec people have roots traceable to the nearby settlement of Mount Alban in 500 B.C. Explored Oaxaca during The Day of The Dead celebration, when the natives celebrate their […]

  • On Safari!

    On Safari!

    [slideshow_deploy id=’807′]    “Safari” is a Swahili word meaning “adventurous journey.” A safari in East Africa takes you into the very center of exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery! I work with Corbett Bishop Safaris in Tanzania. Corbett is originally from Texas and has a heart as big as the state and a passion for Africa […]