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Machu Piccu

  Blown away by the beauty of Peru! As far as High Adventure and Deep Native Culture, I put it right up there with Alaska and Africa!! Flew into Lima and then up to Cusco — quite an altitude jump from sea level up to 11,000 feet. Then took the most beautiful train ride in the world through the Andes… Read more →

Mt. Rainier

  Looming above Seattle, Washington . . . Mt. Rainier at 14, 410 feet and with 27 glaciers is an arctic island in the temperate zone. Went for a week long Winter Expedition Seminar conducted by Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. to hone my skills for upcoming big mountain climbs. Under the expert leadership and tutelage of RMI guides (these guys know… Read more →

Le mont fleuri

  When talking with fellow travel writers invariably “The Most Beautiful Island in The World” comes up for discussion. Bora Bora (of soaring green peak and perfect coral-ring reef) is the snap-reaction-favorite, but then a glazed look melts jaded faces and “THE SEYCHELLES!” is stated with reverential awe — ascending not only to the top of the list, but up… Read more →

Upper Dewey

  3,000 feet above Skagway, Alaska, crowning The Dewey Lakes Trail System, is a lake cupped in a glacial couloir between soaring mountain peaks. The trail up is tree and bush-lined, so there’s always the sudden surprise of topping-out at the expansive lake, with swirling mist concealing and revealing the jagged peaks and a gleaming blue glacier plastered high on… Read more →

Ben Nevis

  While in Scotland in early October — three days after running The Inverness Loch Ness Marathon, decided to climb Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the British Isles, at 4, 409 feet. Turned out that the height wasn’t the challenge, but the severe weather. In researching the climb, I learned that the mountain summit is clear only one day… Read more →

Sossusvlei Dunes

Think of Africa and you might envision vast herds of wild animals migrating across the Serengeti Plain or the Congo’s impenetrable green jungles interlaced with Tarzan’s vines. However, there is a place in Africa far off the known and beaten path — a stark, surreal area that if it didn’t exist, Salvador Dali would have imagined and painted it. In… Read more →